Polyphonic Step Sequencer

Hi, my first post in the forum.
I’m trying to use Halion Sonic to emulate a clean guitar and using the Step Sequencer to generate some patterns, the problem is that is monophonic so I can’t play more than one note at the time, any ideas how to do it?



Use a MIDI track?

Thanks, I’ve added Halion Sonic SE as a VST Instrument so now I can select it as input when creating a MIDI track, but no matter what I do I can’t record anything on that MIDI track and also I can’t use the Key Editor (it’s disabled). I’m sure there is something very basic that I’m missing but I can’t see it, any ideas?



You should spend some quality time with the manual. Of course you can’t open the Key Editor without first creating an event.

Fool Of A Took! I was just missing changing the assigned action to my left mouse button to use Draw instead of Object selection, then I could create an event and then use the Key Editor, reading the manual helped.

Still when recording I was expecting if I was pressing the Halion keyboard keys it would create an event itself, like performing without a real keyboard using the Halion interface…

No, can’t record via a plug’s GUI. Virtual Keyboard is another matter.

Glad to see someone take a suggestion to read the manual the right way. :sunglasses: