Polyphonic Voicing - horizontal offset??

Hi - sometimes when I’m scoring 3 polyphonic parts at once, the notes will be shared. But they will then overlap, sit on top of one another, rather than sit side by side. So if voice 2 is an F as a minim, and voice 1 is also an F but a crotchet, they overlap so you can’t see that one is a minim. Is there control of say a horizontal offset, forcing the voices to be side by side when this happens? Thanks for your time and help. Judy

By default your example displays as follows:

Isn’t this what you wanted?

Otherwise, anyway, use the Layout tool (indicated by the arrow) in Page Mode, to graphically move your notes according to your needs.

Thank you so much. Didn’t know about that tool. And yes sometimes the voicing looks like your sample, and other times they overlapped. And couldn’t predict when or why. All fixed now. Changed my music life! Thanks again.

And here is what the overlap looked like - see image below/attached