Polyphony error?

Hi y’all

OK, so I am something of a Noob, at least as Cubase is concerned, but not a noob to recording in general. I am using 9.5 pro on a Quad core with 20 gigs of memory.

I am getting “drops” of the sustain pedal, note length, and overall sound. Pretty much 100% of the Vst I use are EWQL. To describe what is happening, it sounds very much like when midi first came out and we could layer sounds until we ran out of polyphony. Its as if there is no sustain pedal event, or the note has been shortened to 1/4 from a whole note, things like that.

Thing is, I have not had this problem until recently and have been using the program successfully since it was released. I was using an old version 5 before that, also with no issues. This is new, perhaps in the last update or two. I have tried adjusting the buffer to no avail. Thoughts? Anyone?

It’s my exact problem.I wonder if you resolved it.
I need to resolve it because i’m writing my first piano concerto.
Thank you if you could help me
Maestro Stefano Petrini