PolyPressure, AfterTouch and Channel Pressure


I’m a bit confused about how the following terms map between VST 3 and MIDI.

  • Polyphonic After-touch - according to MIDI is per-note pressure change while the note is sounding. Pretty sure this maps to Event::kPolyPressureEvent
  • Channel-pressure - for MIDI pressure variation for all currently held notes. I can’t see anything in VST 3 about this.
  • Vst::kAfterTouch controller - is this channel pressure?

I suspect the last two are the same thing but it’s not obvious.


  • MIDI Polyphonic Key Pressure (0xA0) is in VST3 world: transformed to a Vst::Event::kPolyPressureEvent event (like a NoteOn event) (per key)
  • MIDI Channel Pressure (0xD0) is in VST3 world: transformed/associated to a parameter Vst::kAfterTouch for a given channel (if available) (like kPitchBend) (per Channel)