Polypressure and Sustain pedal in VST3


I’m having problem getting any polypressure events coming in my processor. Maybe I missed some parts in the initialize function, but can’t find anything about it.
Also, I can’t have any event regarding the sustain pedal (Midi OxB0 OxA0).
So again maybe some initialization are lacking ?
I’m testing that with Cubase and other VST3 hosts without success.

It’s so easy with VT2.4 but I’m lost in VST3 for making this working.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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Finally, I understood how to process the sustain pedal.
My solution (not sure if that’s the only or the best one) is to provide a “SUSTAIN” parameter to be automatized, and then, the host call this parameter to call my old VST2 Sustain midi message function.
But for the polypressure, I’m still not sure. It seems that VST3 provide a kPolyPressureEvent, but this case is never called.

About Midi CC, there is something a customer playing our synths live wanted and which is not possible with VST3: A controller assigned to preset change (up or down the list). Can can then change preset easily with his Midi controller, without having to look at his computer.
I don’t know and wonder if this feature can be achieve with VST3.

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Any clue about why kPolyPressureEvent is never called ?

Please have a look in the documentation especially the Program Lists paragraph.
When you have a parameter set up for a program list, the parameter can be controlled via MIDI CC as every other parameter.

This should work in Cubase. Which host are you testing with?

Thanks for your answer Arne,
Actually that was my test which was wrong. I’m using cubase for testing and now everything works fine with the polypressure.

About the Program Lists, I’ll check that, thanks.

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