Polyrhythmic line

Dear and experienced Doric users, I wanted to know if it is possible to achieve what I enclose. If possible, you can explain the procedure. Thank you

Certainly the rhythm is possible. The extent to which you can notate it on a single one-line staff likely depends on the instrument you are notating.

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Thank you for the answer, but what would these tools be? I’ve tried many, but none let me write two rhythmic lines on one staff.

I think the easiest is to install @benwiggy library from the link below so that you get a regular 1-line staff.


Dorico doesn’t really support writing two unpitched percussion instruments on either side of a single-line staff as yet. We know this is a convention that is quite widely used and we plan to support it in a future version of the software.

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Thanks, unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Thanks, looking forward to the next update.

It will work if you follow the instructions carefully. If you would like some further help, please be specific about what you have tried.

Ho seguito le istruzioni e ho copiato il file nella cartella indicata, ma poi quando cerco l’elemento “personalizzato”, non appare.

I should be inside a folder called DefaultLibraryAdditions.
Create an empty folder with that name if there isn’t one already.
Also, you are in the wrong Library. From Finder, hold down alt/option and click the Go menu. From there select Library.


It works, thank you very much!