Polyrhythms disappearing in condensing score

I’ve used claude_g_lapalme’s work around to notate a polyrhythm of 4/4 against 12/8 (where a crotchet in 4/4 is equal to a dotted crotchet in 12/8). This works well as you can see here:

However, when I set the score to condensing, the time signatures disappear on staves which condense, as you can see here:

How would I go about keeping the time signatures visible when condensing is enabled?

I can confirm that it is the case. Oddly though, they will appear if they occur on a system break. At this point, it is obviously better to cheat with text (musglyph) or Playing Techniques, and do so at the late editing stages, which is too bad. The fact that they do appear at system breaks however, lead me to think that it’s fixable in a later version.

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Thanks for the swift reply claude! Ah ok that’s what I’ll have to do in which case. Hopefully in future versions it will be easier to handle these polyrhythms.

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