poof crashes with file selectors in cubase 10.0.15 since Mojave

Cubase 10.0.15 is giving me grief after upgrading my rig to MacOS 10.14.4 aka Mojave. Cubase will suddenly quit(poof crash) when trying to load or save a project/drum map/stuff. Not all the time and everywhere, but for example always when I try open the file selector for saving a new project in the Steinberg Hub. The selector opens, I choose a destination and bam, Cubase is gone.

I’ve checked the crash logs, Looks like the crash thread is running standard Apple & Steinberg stuff, no plug ins involved.

I’ve thrown out prefs, blocked Default Folder, reinstalled Cubase 10.0.15, and even wiped and reinstalled my complete Mojave disk.

Didn’t fix the problem, unfortunately.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Could you please attach *.crash file(s) located in macOS Console utility (User Reports subfolder in Console)?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply. Attached is a crash log.
I would be grateful for for any insights/remedies


Cubase 10_2019-04-11-222154_iMac.crash (161 KB)

Same problem with 10.0.20 update. Unusable with Mojave.

These crashes may be related to Default Folder, a fileselector helper program.

No, still have crashes changing folders etc.

Cubase also crashes when I try to save a Reaktor rack in an Instrument Track. Definitely got something to do with the selection and handling of files/folders(open/save).

I’ve been pruning my Mojave system trying to find the culprit, without success.


You are on Cubase Could you try to download the latest Cubase 10.0.20, please? If it’s still crashes, attach the new crash dump file, please.

Hi Martin,

No, I upgraded to 10.0.20 the day it came out, hoping in vain it would fix my problem.

I will attach a new crashdump when I am in front of my DAW.

Thanks for your reply.

Here’s one. They all start with the same lines…
Cubase 10_2019-04-22-221336_iMac.crash (154 KB)


I reported this to Steinberg CAN-22504.

Thanks, Martin. BTW, I can use Cubase 10.0.20 with some success now in Mojave. Things improved quite a bit after I rescanned my plugins(I have quite a few) via the VST plugin manager in the Studio tab of the window bar. This also cut CB boot time in half…

I don’t see how this could influence open/save dialogs, but there you have it.
I did some fairly demanding drum overdubs yesterday with 0 issues. Before that, I managed to open/close a dozen songs one after another, plus loading/saving track settings, drum maps etc with just one crash related to Izotope Ozone.


Please make sure your plug-ins are up-to-date.

AFAIK, my plug ins are up-to-date. I check them on a weekly basis. Really. At least the ones I use on a regular basis. What I find baffling: how can Cubase crash or behave weird if I don’t even have a single plug in loaded, in a new project?

The exact copy (a clone) works OK in MacOS 10.13.1. CB boots slowly, but I have not been experiencing frequent crashes like I had when I just upgraded to Mojave. Haven’t felt the need to rescan my plug ins since the days of Cubase 8 because stuff just worked.


Is it still crashing with Cubase 10.0.30? Do you have any Finder extension installed? Or Dropbox? Thanks

Hi Martin,

Thanks for getting back to me. No, Cubase works fine after I rescanned my VST plug ins. I don’t understand hat has to do with file selectors, but there you have It.
The rescan also cut Cubase startup time in half. Nice.
Cubase works fine now, I’m a happy user.
Greetings from a cloudy Italy,


BTW I am indeed using finder extensions, pathfinder and default folder