Poof! Where Are My Vst Connections?

So hi everyone,

When opening Cubase, or when switching projects, why do I sometimes find that my VST connections are gone? It’s like Cubase decided that it “didn’t need to keep them this time.” I feel like Cubase is an ever-evolving program on my computer. It’s like Cubase suddenly acts differently one day than it ever acted any other day, and it seems to come up with the most random of bugs, such as this one, that happen at the most random of times. And the bugs aren’t consistent, either, all the time. Strange new bugs become generated over time. :slight_smile:

Do you possibly have any other audio software running concurrently, or are you running a second instance of Cubase (don’t even know if that is in fact possible)?
Last weekend I was working on a CD in WaveLab, and then fired up Cubase to re-export a track and suddenly all my VST connections were gone in Cubase - after a few minutes I realized I hadn’t set the driver release option in WaveLab!

No, I have nothing running concurrently. It’s like this: I open one Cubase project, close it, open another project, close it, and open a final project only to find that this time the vst connections are gone.

It do this in olda’ versions too. My fix is always be to 1st, try to restart my sound card service within ‘Services’…if dat don’t do it, I hasta’ restart da machine. Rather than a Cubase issue, I thought it be a driva’ issue.

Well, Cubase has this problem with the driver that comes with Cubase, generic low latency asio driver. That is the driver I am using.