Pool and HDD hierarchy

I’ve beem wondering if it’s possible to import in a pool the hierarchy of a folder. I have sorted all my sound effects and I’d like to create a pool with the same hierarchy.

I tried to create a project and to copy the complete sfx folder under the audio folder but the pool don’t see them at all…

IS there any solution but to rebuild the entire hierarchy virtually?



Mediabay is not exactly what I need…but I guess I have no choice…

I don’t think you can do that, anything you drop into the Pool goes into the default Pool folder which has nothing to do with the HD folder. Well, if you created Pool folders and set the default before each subdir drag/drop you might speed up the process… Not very elegant.

Also if you don’t want to use MediaBay but you want an independent one-off pool for your sounds FX then you could use a Library (see the File menu). This is the same as the Project Pool but it can be opened and used within any project. You could then customise this pool with folders manually but you’d only need to do it once.

But I tend to think you’d be better using MediaBay (even though I personally find it not very intuitive…).


Thanks GargoyleStudio!

Well, I found out about libraries and it’s ok to work with that. One thing that bothers me is you can copy/paste (CRTL+C/CRTL+V) with Cubase 5 but not in Cubase 6.

Any idea?

MediaBay is just a mess to me…

Not sure where you’re doing copy/paste exactly, I’ve not noticed a difference generally. But then I’m really not using Cb6 that much yet (I’ve got ongoing projects in Cb5 on XP which use too many plugins to swap over to Win7!!!). Let me know where/what and I’ll test it out…

I’ve been using MediaBay for sound fx personally, but I still find it really ‘different’. I understand it, but there’s just something for me which makes it cumbersome. Probably familiarity. For one thing there’s an awful lot of icons all over the place and I’m never entirely sure what they do :slight_smile: