Pool: Changing Project Folder and Pool Record Folder

Today for the first time I recorded an external synth track to an audio track. The recording was just fine BUT when I looked in the “Pool” it showed the project folder as “/Users/Bill/Downloads”, and the Pool record folder as “Media/Audio”.

I am really really perplexed because after I installed Cubase 7, in “Steinberg Hub” screen I set it to “prompt for project location”, which on my computer I have projects in /users/bill/documents/cubase projects.

Is there any way to change the locations shown in the “Pool”? I don’t want my files going into a download folder.

I did get the Cubase 7 Upgrade from the Steinberg site (via download), but after it was download, the program was installed into my “Applications” folder on my Mac.

You should always specify a unique folder for every new project you start.

To move a project, locate the project folder and cut/paste it to the new location (including all it’s contents)

Or use the backup project function.

Every time I DO specify a correct project location and and my projects are in the correct location. I am just baffled as to why “The Pool” is putting the audio files in some other weird location.

Re-read the instructions in the manual about creating new projects.
The Project assistant should have, prompt for project location, checked

I have re-read the instructions and I have everything checked and set up like it should be. My projects are getting saved to the correct location, but the pool is doing something totally different.

I am on a Mac running Cubase 7.0.1

You are not trying to change the project location with the save as command after creating the original project location are you?

No I am not. Something just does not seem right.

Hi there,

Sounds like you could be suffering from this problem:


Take a look and see if it similar.

fyi Work-around: Right click on track (in project screen) and set Audio Record Folder.

I have not tried backing up a project. My problem is actually with the project after it is created. My project is in the right folder, but for some reason the Pool shows my audio files going in some other weird location.

No I know you didn’t mention the backup but the symptoms are same and therefore the workaround is the same. I am not saying there is nothing wrong I am only suggesting a work around for you.