Pool Folders

Why do pool folders do not create real folder on drive ? Any good reason … ?

I would love to have the real folders to classify stuff and share easily after… it’s just not usable now…

I personally prefer the layer of “abstraction”.

I would then use Media Bay and not Pool. Create the folders there und you have them “real”.


Or… make a folder first in the project window and then drop the files in from the pool.

It looks to me like any solution would require at least another couple of clicks. The way I usually work, nine times out of ten it would be maddening to have a folder track be the result of dragging things in from the pool–I have my destination folders set up in my templates, and use the pool folders for easy access to exported files, etc. But that’s just me…

On the other hand, if we could drag and drop from the pool to the desktop (wish, wish, wish), I’d eat my words, without ketchup.


Thanx Oswald ! Works like a charm