Pool in the right panel (and improved)

First, I think it will be useful to have the pool in the right panel. This way is more accesible and you can have it stick in a side. The problem of a floating window is that… is floating :laughing: And it usually gets lost, like the channel edit window (which I would like to have always visible).


  • Including MIDI will be useful, especially for the drag and drop feauture, combined with the shared copy. This way you could save ideas into the Pool and then drag and drop to the tracks as shared copy.
  • Setting several “actual” folders. I wish I have a folder for recordings, another for sound design, another for bouncings… Currently you can create folders, but they’re not in the real folder structure.
  • Working with the pool out of Cubase. Currently, the pool and the media folder are not “linked”. It will be a nice option, especially to organize files into folders and for deleting stuff.

And my final thoughts. Pool and Media should work together. Maybe Steinberg should think about how to reinvent them in order to work better. One thing I don’t like is that if you start trying things and deleting from the project, the files are still copied there, ocupying space, and that working with that is a bit obscure. It should be easier. Of course, if you have any advice or suggestion to improve my workflow, please tell me.

are you aware that the pool is the view of all audio and video files used in a project
and it’s not the view for the general file system

and btw I like floting windows, so I can place them where I want them

Yes, and that’s why I wish there is a more communication between them (media and pool).

I don’t mind floating windows but they hide under a lot of other windows. It happens to me all the time, as well as the chanel edit configuration panel. I wish I could have them up or attached to somewhere else.

In Reaper you can attach and detach things from the panels (which is quite useful and it’s one of the things of Reaper that I miss).

I still think that including MIDI would be quite useful for composing purposes.