Pool like in cubase

Hi, it would be very helpfull to access to a pool folder like in cubase, where you can edit , rename, delete the files used in vl.
The most important: Auto clean function for unused files and more…

There is a list of currently used media files in Song/Song Media Files.
Apart from that, there is no such editing. Also, a “clean” function would gain nothing, as media files are only active when they are beeing accessed inside an active (selected) Song.
If you want to get a clean version of your entire project, use the File/Save Archive function, which copies all media files used in the project only.

Hi, it’s more that i want to rename the files to find them easier.
And / Or
Is it possible to create sub-folder for each song, to move the file from audio folder into there without to reassign them in vl?
I’m using the file save archive already, it’s ok for me.