Pool: Reveal in Finder Problem

The right-click function “reveal in finder” in the pool doesn’t work for me in Nuendo 12 under Monterey anymore. Is it only me or is this a bug? Any ideas why this happens? Could it be related to rights management in Monterey?
Thanks for your hints and input

[quote=“Thomas_Gass, post:1, topic:790716”]
“reveal in finder” in the pool doesn’t work for me in Nuendo 12 under Monterey anymore[/quote]

I just updated to Monterrey, I’ll check this out later and post what I find.

Just checked this out. “Reveal in finder” is working fine for me in Nuendo 12.0.30 and Monterey 12.4

I’m also on the latest Monterey version, yet, “reveal in finder” still doesn’t work for me. Am I really the only one experiencing this? If so, I wonder what this could be related to, since I use this function very often and it’s a little bit annoying…

Reveal in finder not working for me either, Cubase 12.0.30 - latest Monterey.

@method1 @Thomas_Gass Please add the name of the file system being used, (MacOS Extended (Journaled), ExFat, FAT etc.)
(possibly helpful @Martin.Jirsak?)

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Checked here as well. It’s working fine.

Nuendo 12.0.3 > Monterey 12.4 > M1 Max MacStudio


I’m using APFS on the internal drive and external SSDs and extended journaled on external hard drives. The function just opens the finder, not the path to the file, the issue seems to affect external drives.

All of my files are formatted APFS, including externals. No issues here. Maybe that’s it.

I’m looking for replies from people who have the problem, more so than reports that it’s working correctly.

If I can find a pattern, I’ll have something to possibly write in a bug report.

I’m on APFS for the system drive and Mac OS Extended (Journaled) on the external working drives. Nuendo: 12.0.30 and Monterey 12.4 on a MacPro (late 2013)
Would be great if we could find a solution to this… :slight_smile:

It was failing for me from Catalina though to Monterey until did a complete clean re-install of Monterey using the rather good “erase settings” assistant of apple. Now functioning a lot better, as is VST link, which was very laggy and unusable until the fresh install of the OS


Reveal in finder not working for me either. Drives are Mac OS Extended (Journaled) . Latest Nuendo 12. Have the issue since being on MacPro 2019. First N11 on Catalina. Now N12 on Monterey.

I changed my Project Drives to APFS …and that did it. - APFS seems to by recommended for SSD drives anyway? What is your opinion about that?


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