Pool Window Missing Filles issues: file names are automatically changed to container folder

This is in this version of Cubase Element:
Cubase Element 10.5.20 Build 179 - Built on May 5 2020
MacOS Catalina Version 10.15.5


  1. I have an audio clip in the Pool with this path:


2. I open the folder in the MacOS finder and remove the file to see if the missing files feature works as the manual says
You can use the “Reveal in Finder” option to go to the real file on the disk

3. The bug: the Pool Window automatically changes the path of the removed file to point to the folder that contained the file (points to the Audio folder instead of a file!)


If you have several copies of the same clip all the copies will point to the folder or directory an everything begins to work badly from that point. The project doesn’t report “missing files” when you open it again. If you use “Find Missing Files” option it says “No file is missing”.The Path column is not showing any question mark [???] to indicate the file is missing.

I think this is really bad behaviour because if you accidentally delete files from your disk, the project is completely broken with all clips pointing to the same “Audio” folder. You lose your project and all your work when you save it (nothing tells you cubase changed the path of the files you removed).

If you do the same (removing the file) with the project closed, when you open it again, the missing file window is showed, it seems to work well in that case.