Pool Window: more space for "Project Folder" path?

Is there a way to enlarge the “Project Folder”-path field in the Pool Window?
When using deep folded location-paths or long names for projects the provided field is too small to show it’s contents.

In my case (see screen shot) it’s unclear where my project is stored…
Maybe there is another “place” where I can find the exact location of the project folder?

Thanks again.
Niek/ Amsterdam
Screen Shot.jpg

Hello Niek,

there is no way to do that to my knowledge.


Thanks Timo,
maybe Steinberg can include an option to enlarge that field in an upcoming update?

how can I trace the path of my Project Folder? Simply by choosing “Save as” in the file-menu? Does this page always show the current Project Folder?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Could you maybe do it in Media Bay instead? I think you can choose both “project” as a possible result, and then “path” as a column to sort by in the result window.