Poor audio quality while playing the recorded track

I’ve faced problem with poor audio quality while playing the recorded track – the audio played through audio interface is distorted, metalized and squeezed, like 4 bit, or even less.

My setup:
• Lenovo TAB M10 3rd generation with Android 12
• Cubasis 3
• Steinberg UR22C audio interface

Some interesting facts observed:
• DSP is OK – no more, than 20%
• Recorded in Cubasis audio track is in fact OK – it’s plays in other applications or players (trough audio interface) with proper quality, as it must be
• If I connect headphones directly to the Tab audio output or use Tab speaker – audio quality is OK also. But when I switch back to listen trough audio interface – audio quality drops down again.
• While Cubasis is active - it somehow intercepts all system audio, and distorts them also

It is very strange, because I’m using products (SW Cubasis and HW UR22C) from one vendor – they should be 100% compatible. Also, I heard about problems with Android 13 in connection to Cubasis, but I have Android 12, which supposed to be non-problematic.

Is anybody know how to solve the issue?

Hi @Victor_VG,

Thank you for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

The performance of Cubasis and available options are strongly related to the Android device in use.
Please check out the steps below to find out, if these are of help to immediately resolve your current issue:

  • Try another USB cable
  • Use a very good USB-B to USB-C cable instead of the OTG adapter
  • Quit all apps
  • Restart device
  • Try both sequences: First start Cubasis, then plug in the UR22C interface, or vice versa.
  • Update Android
  • Disable Setup / Audio / Studio Quality
  • Is the UR22C selectable in Setup / Audio under Output Device and Input Device?

Hope that helps!


I’ve tried all proposed options (except updating Android to ver 13, because 13th version has much more issues that 12, so no reason) - nothing helps :frowning: