Poor Customer Service and VSTI and Hardware inserts Problems with Cubase 11/12

Hi Everyone.

I’ve been using Cubase since version 3 and lately I’ve been having A LOT of issues with Real Time Peak, VSTI and Hardware inserts con Cubase 11 or 12. I can’t find what is the issue and I just can’t have a normal workflow, even with small projects.

In Spain, Joaquin use to be the one who answered the calls and he was AMAZING, but now they never answer any call and the only time they answered was a guy called Eugenio. He is rude, he answers like he just got up from a nap and doesn’t know how to properly communicate with customers. Today we had a remote control scheduled but at the last moment he just asked me for my ID and Pass, saying that I have to hurry and that he’s not going to call me because is too late (he set the time) and that he is there only working because of ME. And I’m sorry, but I can’t give access to my computer without a phone call because 1. I will not know what they are doing in my computer and 2. They will not know WHAT TO DO because I can’t explain the problems in real time. By the way, he never answered and I’ve been here waiting for him in front of the computer.

I’ve been paying every upgrade since Cubase 3, and sadly, If I can’t have a good customer service and resolve my problems… I will have to stop my journey with Cubase right here…

I hope I can get some help.


State your technical problem clearly so forum members can help you.

As far as the complaints, perhaps a Steinberg rep will join in, but maybe not for a few days, since it’s the weekend at HQ.

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Hi Steve.

Thank you for your repply. I’ve been trying to solve the problem for months now with the technical support in Spain and I just… Gave up, I guess. I’ve tried every single thing I could possibly find on internet, and even they didn’t know what’s going on.

Básically, before, I could have MASSIVE projects, with hundreds of tracks full of plugins and hardware, no problem at all. Now, specially with VSTI and External Inserts (hardware) the metters go crazy, Peak and Real Time peak are randomly peaking and cracking the project. Also I can’t use as many plugins as before because then the ASIO-Guard goes crazy. And I’m using an Antelope Orion 32+ Gen 3 with 1024 buffer, for some reason I can’t go above that because it also gets cracks and pops.

Also, if I open a NEW project only 2 tracks, one VSTI and the other with some Hardware inserts, the Real time Peak and Peak are going crazy, sometimes with cracks and pops, sometimes not. It’s impossible to work on anything.

My system is:
X399 Designare EX
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 16 Core
MSI 1080 TI
65 GB RAM 3200
Antelope Orion 32+ Gen 3
SSD for Windows
SSD Raids for Projects and Libraries
Windows 10 Pro 64 bits

Everything optimized for audio, checked every setting on the BIOS, energy plan, format and reinstall everything…

It’s frustrating to not be able to work and dedicate weeks and weeks just trying to find the errors. I hope we can find a solution soon.

Regards and thank you for the help.

Please keep in mind that you are talking to a community of users here, not Steinberg. (though they do participate in certain cases.)

The community of users can only see what you provide for them to see. To that end, I would suggest that you edit the title to something meaningful.


Steve, actually that’s what I wanted to share with people. I have problems with Cubase and my experience with the Customer Service was terrible lately, and I saw other had the same issue as well… I wanted to ask and share my experience with the community. I know it’s not what a company wants to read, but it is true and I’m not the only one looking for answers and solutions.


That’s perfectly fine. But there are many people on the forum who have way more expertise than your average tech support person, who is possibly at the beginning of their career.

The forum community has active audio and post professionals who have decades of real-world experience and are willing to help. If the title of your topic is related to the issue you machine is having there’s a better chance someone will reach out.

After all, the primary goal is to have a studio that works, complaining about the quality of support is important, and having others commiserate is desirable, but I would submit it’s secondary to fixing the original problems occurring on the machine.

Hi Steve.

Actually, in this partical post I just wanted to share my experience with the Customer support related to my issue, and see if it’s a common issue so maybe that could help me to decide if I change my primary DAW. Also if I could find an official Steinberg Customer support (from another country, I don’t mind) that would be great as well.

I will open another specific case with all the issues I have with details and screenshots of all the tests I did, that is going to be the one where I will look for help in the community. But I must say, that paying all the upgrades I’ve paid, it’s kind of sad that I have to rely on other users experience rather than official support. I feel like we are just testers of a product, and that’s something I don’t particulary like.

Sorry if my english isn’t proper enough by the way. It’s not my native language and probably I’m using expressions than can sound rude or just different from what I meant. I apologize in advance.


Right on.

Your English is quite good.

Great. Best of luck solving the issues!

Thank you very much for your attention Steve.


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It might be helpful to also check your Windows Logs for warnings and errors. Even on a Windows that is generally working well, there might be clues in the logs to help identify underlaying Windows issues. Especially the Windows > System log is a good place to start troubleshooting issues.

Tell me something, have you always used AMD? or is it a new equipment?

I told you my experience AMD Ryzen caused me many problems, MOTU just did not work well with the CPU, it caused strange sounds, cracks and distortions in the audio in Cubase, I tried everything, I even came to believe that my MOTU or some of my external gear/hardware was what was wrong, I did endless tests, useless configurations, until I decided to try again with Intel and my problems ended at that moment, which in the past when I had Intel did not exist either … So without wanting to discourage you, I would closely suspect AMD as the culprit of the problem…

To be honest I have often seen that with Steinberg support in general, some are usually very polite and others are not so gentle, sometimes they can even be rude, I think Steinberg should pay attention to this and not allow ungentleness to their customers, it is important to be respectful to them.

Absolutely disagree : I have an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X based system since a little more than three years. Not a single issue, whether CPU or audio streaming related. This, with a night and day performances comparison with my previous i7 870 (Intel) based previous system.

I’m not sure that propagating rumours about the supposedly ‘poor’ AMD based systems performances is helping anyone. Your experience has been bad ? I’m sorry for this, but look somewhere else, concerning the issues that you stumbled on : Ryzen isn’t the culprit…

What did you change recently? Did you try a new interface?

The buffer amount will be limited by your ASIO driver/interface, not Cubase.

Has there been any BIOS updates recetnly that may have caused changes in multi-core processing/support?

Maybe you’ve recently had a GPU driver update causing conflicts with real-time processing?

Did you change hardware recently? For example, everything was fine, you bought a new audio interface and the trouble started?


Thank you for your reply. It was doing it before I format the computer and still doing it now that the Windows is completely fresh. I will check the logs and see if if I find something there, thank you!

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Thank you for your response. Actually I didn’t change anything, i’ve been using this CPU without any error since day one. I’m thinking to try RME Madi Pcie with my Antelope Orion 32+ Gen 3 but, it is quite expensive and many people is reporting the same problem with Cubase and different CPU and interfaces. That’s why I’m not so sure to give a try with RME…

Hi, thank you for your response.

No hardware changes. I started to update everything because I had this issues. Tried installing again Cubase, all drivers, BIOS, interface drivers, and finally format and reinstall Windows from scratch. But still the same issue… So AFTER that I tried to buy a dedicated PCIE usb card for the interface, still the same issue, and a WLAN PCIE card, still the same issue… Which makes me think, that it is something caused by the new Windows Updates + Cubase + My Interface OR a hardware problem from the motherboard or something like that. I don’t know.

That’s what happened to me after a while with AMD, especially when I started to use a version of MOTU with integrated DSP…

Maybe in your case you want to try the following steps, which didn’t work for me personally.

I would recommend the last 2 links first, to improve the configuration of your operating system for audio purposes, the one provided by motu is simple and general for any interface you have, and the one from Glitch Free, covers much more you can do in your operating system to improve it… if none of that works, then try the solutions that AMD users propose in the first links, and if none of that works, then try Cubase official support/connected to developers in Germany, they speak English too and it is their obligation as a company to take care of their customers when you open a ticket, and if they can’t help you either, you’d better think about changing your processor for something else than AMD …

Complete guide for Glitch Free:


So?.. curious about your case.