Poor graphic performance

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the poor graphic performance of 7.5 (and also 7) by comparison to 6 is really bothering me. I used to work with a latency of 256 samples for my big orchestral template in C6 and everything was super smooth and there were no crackles or whatsoever. Now with 7.5 I have to use 512 samples latency because with 256 there are too many crackles. Are there any things I can do? I did all the DAW performance tuning things!

Have you disable Aero you too? :unamused:

AERO need to be on! Don’t do XP32 tweaks on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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Thanks Freddie!

I recently had some crackles and stutters when I played a large project in Cubase 7 and then switched to my browser or even moved with my mouse cursor. I disabled Aero as adviced to get more stable audio results. But it turns out that turning Aero off gives a lot more stutters and crackles.


I didn’t disabled the areo, of course not. And I have no browsers open…


Have you tried disabling the ASIO-Guard individually for some of the VSTi’s in that template?
Go to: Devices > Plug-in information > Disable the ASIO-Guar individually from the list.

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Thank you for that useful bit of information. I shall file that away in my memory.

How can disabling ASIO-Guard improve graphic performance?

Does ASIO-Guard try to offload workload to the gfx card through CUDA?

If Steinberg has developed an architecture to bridge c++ to CUDA for realtime offload then this is revolutionary and will make me very happy :slight_smile:

[quote=“Freddie H”]
Have you disable Aero you too? :unamused:

AERO need to be on! Don’t do XP32 tweaks on Windows 7 and Windows 8.


Could you tell where to check that if AERO is “On” or “OFF” ? I have Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, Nvidia GTX 660.

Yes exactly. You direct all graphic to use the CPU instead + API calls doesn’t work causing errors.

By the way… check next wrong TWEAK you might have done. It can make audio drop outs.

"Program scheduler" shall be set to ------> PROGRAM on Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Not “Background Task” like on XP32. ASIO driver is not a “background task”.

I can tell you the story about why and so forth just take my word for it. Have it set to wrong setting, “Background Task” on Win 7 and Win 8 will cause problems and will make drop outs on Audio too.

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But this is optimising 1.0.1, we always recommend to set your computer for best performance and not best graphics:

In the Control Panel -> System -> Advanced system settings -> Performance Settings, you can find the option “Adjust for best performance”. This option should be checked.

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Well, what can I say, we have already talk about this earlier here on this forum. :slight_smile:

Steinberg need seriously go over all your old recommendation from XP32 because that is counterproductive recommendations on Windows 7 and Widows 8 and working with audio. Its actually kind embarrassing that you haven’t update those old guidelines…

I know that anyone competent “tech nod” on Microsoft, Steinberg , Cakewalk, AVID, NI, Waves, Spectrasonics, etc. will say as I do. They all do, just ask them. No one in the world would recommend disabling AERO or set it to “background task” on Windows 7, Windows 8 system.

If you don’t believe me please contact Microsoft officials and you can do your own testing.

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Its quite simple!

AERO ON = All graphic you see use the graphic card GPU and RAM on board the graphic card only. Its exactly what you want and what Windows 7 and all programs, application or later are design to do… = 0 CPU in use. Same behavior and story on OSX CoCo.

AERO OFF = Use the CPU instead like in old XP32, no graphic card GPU in use.
All graphic are run by the CPU instead of using the CPU for program and audio and plugins. = 100 CPU in use for all graphic. (Your recommendation) Meaning drop outs, crackle audio because it steal CPU every time computer need to display anything on the screen.

On XP32 using the graphic card GPU (AERO-system don’t exist) weren’t possible. It always used the CPU only, there for the old recommendation minimize all graphic to save CPU.
Your 101 recommendation continue to say----> don’t use the graphic card use the CPU for all graphic like on XP32 for best performance with audio when it actually take CPU from the computer + causing drop outs and bad audio performance doing so. That’s just wrong and stupid settings!

I have real knowledge how to setup systems. If Steinberg pays me I can help Steinberg provide a new 101 with all the “right” new information that apply to Windows 7 x64 and Windows 8 x64 system.

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I’m still having some poor graphic performance on the mixer when hovering the mouse over some plugins (Softube, DMG, Waves, others)…

Anyone else? I’ve already done all mentioned above by Guillermo.

AERO ON or AERO OFF, Windows XP or Windows 7 it doesn’t mater for Cubase 6.5 mixer. Graphics was fast and smooth. Now Cubase 7.5.1 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, AERO ON, Intel i7 processor, nVidia GTX 660 2GB RAM, mixer is slugish and slow on larger projects (30 track and above). Its not comfortable to work with it.

Forget the Aero on/off debate. It’s just an excuse for an anti Steinberg grief for the very regular griefers (you might attract a little gang of them) who WILL turn up. Plain Windows 8 works just fine on an i7 machine. This will be a new setting that you haven’t noticed in C7.5 Or a setting that needs adjusting WITH C7.5 so take a good look at your settings and see if there’s anything you didn’t notice before. If all looks the same consider changing one or two (probably just one).
I can’t do it for you from here but my guess it will be something simple like a toggle switch, probably for latency or the Power setting.
My first thoughts on reading the OPs specs was that the 64g ram might be hot enough to boil an egg. :mrgreen:

I am confused by the OPs post as he says he suffers bad graphics performance but then describes crackles as the symptoms. I do not see those two as related

I see your confusion. It’s not graphics but can be misconstrued as such. 6 posts, probably a new user mixing graphics and audio. Even an old hand on computers I get occasional blind spots. Usually acronymitis. :mrgreen:

Graphics performance is poor on the new Mix Console, Halion 4 / 5, and the new Instruments Rack. This is an undeniable fact, and I’m sure all have something in common, like a not very efficiently coded graphic library and lots of wasted memory.

I have no problems with audio, though.