Poor mans AI knob

Just noticed you can now setup up an X-Touch One so that the fader operates as a decent AI knob complete with AI lock.

I’m still playing around with it but let me know if anyone is interested.

Are you aware that the AI knob (and lock) is part of the new MIDI Remote in Cubase 12?

Yeash, that’s kind of my point, i.e. that the MIDI remote allows for lock functionality on a touch sensitve fader. Not seen anyone mention this previously, but it works well in practice.

Imterested in how to set this up thank you

I’m still playing with my map for the X Touch One, but the trick to getting AI behaviour from the fader is:

  • set the X Touch One as simple midi device (instructions in X Touch One manual)
  • set up midi remote to provde a note message (by moving the fader during setup) mapped to value of AI pointer in lock state
  • set up midi remote to provide a control message (by pressing the fader before detection in midi remote setup then moving it during detection) map this to value at mouse pointer

Smarter people than I have no doubt simpler ways to achieve this. But it certainly works for me.

Attached is my rough script that includes the AI fader but is very much work in progress otherwise.
Behringer_SC X touch v2.midiremote (5.4 KB)

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