Poor performance, slow opening and closing times

I am big big fan of cubase. I really love this software and I am using it from version 6 BUT it is really slow. It takes up to 2 minutes to open the program and when I am trying to open a project it takes forever. And when I am trying to close the session or the program I must wait 2-10 minutes. Also I get cpu spikes on 10 tracks. The performance is bad. Its like working on 10 years old computer. Compared to FL Studio wich is opening (and closing) instantly it’s shameful. Ableton live loads quicker too. :frowning:

My PC is 2 years old with freshly installed Windows 8.1 with Intel SSD 128 (for OS and DAW)
Intel i7 2600k
8 GB Ram
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

If you have any idea, please share with me.

Well, I did a couple of tests:

Cb on my Win7 PC (6cores, SSD, fast spec):
Startup - 1m45s and it sits on Initialising MIDI for about 1m of that (despite my regularly clearing out the redundant device drivers)!
Load Project - 33secs for a 2:30 length song with 3 VSTis and about 5 audio tracks, 7 midi tracks

LogicProX on MacBookPro (15 inch, 4 cores, SSD):
Startup - 5 seconds
Load Project - 10 seconds for a 20minute song with 20 audio tracks and 10 AU instruments and 10 midi tracks

That’s a very large difference, so I would agree with you that Cubase is very slow to start up and load projects in my case. I’ve taken to exporting my projects irregularly as MP3s into the project folder so that I can review and remind myself of the songs without having to load them up. I also add comments to the filename so that I can see what I did last time to quickly remember my progress. That helps a bit I find.


Got me curious…

Start time: 29 seconds
Start time with automap server already open in taskbar: 18 seconds
Close time: 3 seconds

Opening projects: may vary depending on size.

Cpu: core2duo 3.06 ghz

  • might wanna change the title to: need help with my system speed with cubase8 (so others can help you;)

Edit: personal opinion? I dont care about start and stop as long as everything in between runs smoothly:p -but, i can understand how frustrating those long times can be;)

Could be a number of things… My first idea: trash ur preferences and restart. The first start after that is going to be slow. Close cubase again and restart a second time. (Maybe prefs from an old cubase installation are interfering somehow…- rename old cubase installations prefs folders to backup or so, then start with a fresh slate)

Aloha g,

Your ‘got me curious’… got me curious as well. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So my stats:

MacBook Pro 13" SSD with Cubase Pro Eight

11 seconds to start-up computer
12 seconds to load Cubase (no specific project just Cubase)
Live on stage: 10-15 seconds to unload a project and bring up another.
(that’s with 16—>40 VSTi tracks and ‘SampleTank’ takes the most time to load)
2-3 seconds to quit Cubase
1-2 seconds to shut-down 'puter.

ggc posted:

Edit: personal opinion? I dont care about start and stop as long as everything in between runs smoothly:p -but, i can understand how frustrating those long times can be;)

Agreed and +1
(but I do need quick unload and load times for stage work).

Good Luck!

Wow curteye, thats purty snappy!:slight_smile:

That is really sad. For me its a big big thing and if Steinberg don’t do anything about it, I’ll put my license for sale.

Sorry to hear you are having problems at the moment.

As with the guys above I just did a test on my system and Pro8 loads in about 8 seconds.
A 3 minute long project of about 20 tracks including chord track, midi and audio plus VST’s and effects loads in about 12 seconds here.

I know this does not help your frustration but there must be something somewhere in the system causing these extremely long delays.

You can try running this utility, maybe it will identify a driver that is mis-behaving. See here:


Good luck.

Hi there,

Loading a 19 track project took 24 seconds, it closed in 3 seconds and Cubase shut down in 8 seconds.

All my system is on a laptop.

Jim B

I have the same problem, i’am on win10 and cubase 8.5.
2min30 - 3min to load Cubase 8.5 empty. But if i closed cubase and reopen
It take less time: 20 secs
And since cubase 8.5 with win 10 i have poor performances, like a lot of cpu spikes.