Poor pitch detection in VariAudio?

I’m new to VariAudio so perhaps I made some mistake in using it. I meant to use it for determining the tuning of pitches in a sound file, with the help of the ‘Original Pitch’ display in the editor. The results seemed off, so I tested with sound files containing pure sine waves at exactly 440 Hz and 442 Hz. The pitch detected by VariAudio was A3+4% for both sounds.
I take it that 4% means 4 cents. Now, for 440 Hz, the result should have been exactly A3 ( A3 +/- 0%). And the frequency ratio 442/440 is an interval of 7.85 cents, so if 440 Hz is A3+4%, 442Hz should be A3+12% (or, better, A3 for 440Hz and A3+8% for 442Hz).

Anybody get more accurate results than these?