Poor Ryzen 3xxx series performance

I understand the Ryzen launch was a bit of a disaster when even motherboard manufacturers didn’t get enough time to prepare their BIOSes, so I don’t suppose Steinberg team had a chance to test these CPU or optimize them.

I just built a new system based on Ryzen 3600 with 3200Mhz memory, I upgraded from i5-4690 and I’m not seeing any reasonable performance increase. I loaded up a couple of projects and all I see is maybe 15-20% reduction in ASIO load.

I have 2 more cores, 12 extra threads, my CPU boost frequency is higher (4.2 vs 3.9), the IPC increase must be massive compared to a 5y.o CPU, I’m using vastly faster memory (I think my i5-system was using DDR3 at 1800Mhz or something like that, cheapest memory possible, it was a Dell office desktop that I temporarily adapted to DAW duties).

All these upgrades and 20% (at most) more performance? It just doesn’t make any sense.

W10, C10Pro, 512 buffer size, ASIO4ALL… M2 NVM drive, SSD drive, no spinning drives.

My suspicion is that Cubase code needs to be optimized for Ryzen3 chips, I just wonder if Steinberg team is testing new Ryzen chips and if there are any plans for updates soon on this issue?

You are getting answers from expert users in your other thread on this topic, so I’ll close this one.