Poor scrolling behavior

I’m using an MX Master mouse and OSX (Sonoma). Although the sensitivity of the MX Master is set to 100%, the horizontal scrolling via the scroll wheel is very slow. Also, a very strange behavior: When I scroll vigorously vertically in the piano roll, I can’t stop the scrolling by stopping the scroll wheel. The piano roll just keeps scrolling until it comes to a soft stop. I guess no one needs this “feature”. Can I influence this behavior in any way?

Rather than assuming this is a shortcoming of the software, it could be your scrolling issue is just your device. This scrolling behavior doesn’t happen for me, across multiple devices. I’m using an MX Ergo.

All the other apps work as expected, it happens only in Dorico.

There is some natural “inertia” in scrolling the Key Editor, and there’s no way to turn this off. I have an MX Anywhere mouse, which is in the same series as the MX Master, and I don’t find the scroll speed too slow. Do you find that Shift+wheel is similarly slow?

I found out that the scolling speed is strongly dependend to my screen resolution. so, that’s more a problem with my graphics card (but Logic Pro for example reacts way more faster & fluid when scrolling) Shift + school makes no difference.
The “inertia” is more of a problem, since it makes it impossible to scroll fast trough the piano roll. it’s more an aesthetic gimmick but stands in the way of fast editing.