poor sound quality in export

I am learning more about my plug-ins for mixing tools. I’m finding a mix I can live with, but after I export to my computer, the playback is terrible. Instruments loose thier eq and are lost. My treble disapears in to a wall of bass. Where am I going wrong. Is there a good book for Cubase 5 going from mixing, to mastering to final product?
Not looking for perfection just something reasonable.

Hi !

Are you exporting a 16 bit 44.1 Khz stereo Wav or something else ? Has main bus output clipped during export ?

…and remember to dither (does not cause THAT bad problems if you didn’t but still you might want to put dithering plug to the last insert slot)

Are you listening exported file at the same volume than your mix ?


Are you playing the file back in Winamp or some other program that has preset EQ settings?

Just to further some of the points already made.

What sample rate/bit depth is your project set to?

What sample rate/bit depth are you exporting to?

Where and how are you listening to the exported file?

Is the control room on/enabled?

What sound card do you have, and when you play your track prior to export, are you monitoring through that card?

Where is the main bus level-wise when you play your track prior to export?

Where are the plugs, such as eq, inserted? The master bus? Group bus? If the latter. are all of the tracks that you want to pass through the plug actually routed there?

Is there anything else on the master bus, or any sub busses, such as compressor, limiter, etc?

Are you sure that you export a mixage in the master output ? maybe you export a track FX like a reverb and the sound is very wet … ?

You must record your mix into a stereo track and export this track. Or make a bounce of the tracks and export.



No. You can, but your usage of ‘must’ is wrong. It is not a must that it be done this way.