Poor sound when burning CD

Hi Forum,
I’ve just burnt my first CD using version 5 and although the tracks sound fine when the CD is played through the computer, through the hi-fi the sound is muffled and too much bass. If a CD is burnt with tracks from other CDs, they are fine through the hi-fi. The CDs will be bought by the public so they have to sound good without having to alter the bass on the hi-fi. Is there some interface between Cubase and CD burner to adjust the levels before going onto the CD. Why does this happen? Thanks, Barry.

Aloha Barry,

What app did you use to do the burning?

The app ‘Toast’ will give you some nice DSP functions (including E.Q.) before burning.


Good Luck!

Hi Curteye, thanks for your advice. It was Nero I used but you’ve reminded me that it was Toast I used on my original Cubase VST in the nineties on my old G3 Mac, and it always gave me good results. It’s Windows 7 I have now. I’ll get it and see if it produces a better sound quality. Thanks, Barry.

Um, you just described the results of mixing something on your DAW speakers that doesn’t relate to another listening environment. You could easily be adding too much bass on the DAW speakers that doesn’t translate to a different sound system. In which case the only hope is to possibly alter the DAW speaker’s EQ and environment to represent a real world setup. That or learn the issue and compensate with your mix skills.

Thanks Mr Roos,
The trouble is that the mp3s sound fine on the computer and even in the client’s car. He’s delighted with the sound. The cd which I’ve burnt is also fine through the computer but not through either of two hi-fis. Other cds which I have burnt using Nero are okay through either computer or hi-fi. Is it the case that I’d have to adjust the eq on the DAW so that it didn’t sound right through Cubase but hopefully would sound all right through the hi-fi?
Regards, Barry.

The files you are burning should be in 44.1khz 16bit !

Well at least you have the biggest thang covered. :laughing: :laughing:

From my POV, when the client is happy and the cheque clears,
this allows the studio to keep going.

Now on to the details.

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