Pop album made with Cubase 6

This is my latest production project. Mixed and mastered entirely in Cubase 6. VST instruments include Kontakt instruments plus HalionSonic, Ivory Yamaha, and many hours of programming! :laughing:

Snippets from the album here - http://callumbeattie.co.uk

Check out the lad, he’s a real talent!


This is a great sounding production to me. I couldn’t hear any thing to criticize as far as a first listen goes Well done.

Were any of the guitars actual playing?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The original demos i used musiclab vst’s. But these parts were replaced with all real guitars for these finished productions.


Yup, sounds like the real deal and certainly very 2012-relevant to me :slight_smile:
Nice job. :sunglasses:

Thanks Sherz! :slight_smile: