Pop at the end of final CD track

We’re running WaveLab 7 on Snow Leopard, and when burning an audio CD from a montage we’re getting a strange “pop” at the very end of the last track on the disc. It happens on multiple CD players, and we have adjusted the last stop marker to make it longer and shorter, have checked that WaveLab is set to quantize to nearest CD markers to nearest CD frames, tried burning at different speeds, used a different drive, and have dug through many menus in search of the problem. So far nothing has worked. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Did you try with a different cd burner?

Yes, we have tried burning from a different drive.

Just imported the audio from one of the bad CDs, and this error isn’t showing up in the waveform. So it must have something to do with how the players are reading the disc at the end…