"Pop Essentials" Expansion For Groove Agent Does Not Work.

I just recently purchased the Pop Essentials expansion for GrooveAgent and it simply does NOT work, as it is MISSING the very things it claims to be selling.

On the Steinberg website, the very first line of the product description says;
“Pop Essentials for Groove Agent delivers an inspiring set of drum grooves…”

I have purchased Pop Essentials and I have installed it and there are NO GROOVES!

If I open up GrooveAgentSE 4 and I click on Pattern mode, the ONLY options shown to me in the Pattern Library are those patterns for “Beat Agent SE” and “Rock Pop Toolbox”. “Pop Essentials” and its ALLEGED patterns are NOT listed!

If I go to the kit window in the upper left hand corner of the GrooveAgent GUI I can right click and select load pattern group. When I do this, Pop Essentials DOES show up, BUT there are NO GROOVES for me to select, just some nonsense called styles, whatever that is. I’ve selected different styles, but I STILL get NO “Pop Essentials” grooves listed in the Pattern Library, no matter which style I select.

If there are no additional patterns offered in the Pattern Library, that means there are no additional patterns. I’m not sure what the selling feature of this Groove Agent expansion is, but it’s definitely not grooves/patterns.

Enable the Load Kit with Pattern button: http://i.imgur.com/2L3hlWD.png

Select one of the kits from the expansion you bought: http://i.imgur.com/B0QZMXy.png

Check the pattern tab. Do the patterns show up? http://i.imgur.com/J2AMdUt.png + http://i.imgur.com/qa6pw8S.png

A style is a set of patterns. You can select between them by moving the Performance wheel and adjusting the Complexity and Intensity controls: http://i.imgur.com/gnhgjQL.png