Pop guitar 2

Downloaded Pop guitar 2 from the voucher after I got cubase pro 13
How come it doesn’t show up under vst instruments? I set the file path in plug- in manager….

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

It’s not a seperate VSTi (instrument), it falls into the category of “Sounds and Loop”, and you’ll find it in the “Media” tab in Cubase:

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Thank you for quick response :+1:
So when I create a new track and want the pop guitar 2, do I still do it under vst instruments or…?

Pop Guitar 2 is a collection of audio loops.

Just click on the icon as you see it in my screenshot above, that reveals a list of the loops, click on one and it will be previewed; if you like it, click and drag it onto your track.

Thank you so much for your reply
Been using Cubase for probably 20 years plus… Extremely satisfied all n all!
Used to have virtual guitarist
Is there a vst instrument equivalent to that these days?
I miss great rhythm guitars
I have guitar T3 and it’s good

Virtual Guitarist is mentioned here now and again, but, as a guitarist, I’ve never used it myself, however there will be many here who can make recommendations.

I will check more on the forum
Thanks again for your help
I’ve been recording in cubase for over twenty years. Love it!

I have the same problem with Pop Guitar 2, as well as with Pro Percussion Bundle, which I bought, downloaded, installed and registered 6 weeks ago. Everything looks correct in the Library Manager, and even when I double-click one of the associated vstsound files in the Finder, the Library Manager says that everything is registered. Nevertheless, Pro Percussion Bundle and Pop Guitar 2 do not appear in Cubase 13/Mediabay or under Loops & Samples. Other image sounds (e.g. Funky Guitar) appear and can be used normally. Everything is also activated in SAM. What am I doing wrong?
Many thanks for your help!

This is somewhat frustrating. No ideas?
I have had a support ticket open for 2 months, but Steinberg is not responding at all.
Of course I have already reinstalled all Steinberg software. The only thing I have avoided so far is to wipe and re-install the whole system.

I wouldn’t wipe and reinstall
Like you said it says its there
It must be something about the path, that it can’t find it?
Not sure
It was there all along for me
I just looked under vst instr. which was wrong, my bad
Sorry to hear you have this frustration with your system

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Man, you saved me! Thank you so much! Actually, the content was “only” installed in the wrong path - for whatever reason. Apparently it must be installed somewhere in “…/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound”, but not in “…/Steinberg/Content/HALion”. A subdirectory in “VST Sound” also works, but it must also begin with “VST Sound” (e.g. “VST Sound - Image Sounds”). That’s it.

Thrilled to hear that was the problem
Other than that , cubase 13(this far) has been amazing!
Love the new “vocal chain” plug in!

Where exactly were they found? I have the same issue but can’t find Pop Guitar2 or how to find the image in the second post from MrSoundman. I can’t find how to get to the VSTi/Media/Meter menu or a place where the Pop Guitar2 icon pops up? Any assistance would be great.
Steinberg user since 1987ish on Atari 1040ST
Now on Cubase 13


Thanks Mr. Soundman! Cubase 5 to 13 is a big jump!

Hello. Thanks for the solution to where Pop Guitar 2 is. Could you tell me how to get rid of what looks like a ‘stop sign’ that’s next to all the loops? It’s where the key for MIDI or Audio is to the left of the loop. All of my other loop categories play, but not Pop Guitar 2.

Hi and Welcome to the forum, @Mark_Pawley !

Have you activated your license for Pop Guitar 2 in Steinberg Activation Manager?

Thanks for your reply.

That was odd. I didn’t think I had but when I looked it showed it as being Activated.

I went into Cubase to check and the key showed as Audio, rather than the ‘stop sign’.

Thanks so much for your help.

I had the same problem, I saw PopGuitar 2 activated in the SAM, but it wasn’t popping up in the Loops and Samples section. So I went to the Steinberg Download Assistant to see what was what. Turns out I never actually download the samples. Whoops. I was fooled by seeing it activated in the activation manager, but I never actually grabbed the actual content. That may be your issue. Once I downloaded the over 1 gig sample pack with Download Assistant, it popped up in the proper place in Cubase.

Oh, and in the Download Assistant, it will be under Sounds & Loops.