Pop Out EQ section?


I love working with the little EQ section they give you in the inspector! It’s fast, gives you helpful info by seeing the frequencies in it, and it actually sounds good!

Is there a way to pop that out so that you can perhaps do some more detailed editing?

It would be awesome to do something like double click it and it pops out as a bigger window and you can close it when you’re done.

In the manual it has this section about an “EQ Curve Display” saying “To activate an EQ module, click and hold.
This opens the graph, adds a curve point and activates the corresponding EQ module.”

I can’t seem to get this to work… it sounds like it’s what i’m wanting, but maybe i’m doing something wrong.

any advice?



Don’t work much with the inspector… but what I think you’re looking for is to be found in the mixer. If you have the EQ curves visible on top of your tracks and you click into it it pops out and let’s you do your thing.

Ahh I see! Forgot it had that in the Mixer… it was hidden out of view.


Hi MHSound,

how about opening the Channel Settings Window? Just click on the “e” and there you will have a bigger EQ :slight_smile:


AHHHH YES!!! this is what I wanted! and then some! I love that not only you can see the EQ (larger) but you can see the inserts/sends/fader too! YESSSSSSSSSS!

I’m only about 2 months in using Cubase, so i’m sure people reading this are like…duuuhhhhh… but I’m loving this program more and more as I find all these little cool tricks!



In case you haven’t already noticed, you can also drag the Channel Settings window to make it even wider. If you want, you can have the EQ window fill your entire width of your screen.

Assigning a key command on that “edit channel settings” is really good too. Since i’ve done that i rarely open MixConsole at all. Just wish that EQ could be moved not only in ChannelStrip slots, but in-between insert slots too. I often do all i need with that EQ, but than if i wanna make some post-EQ plug-ins, i need to re-do EQing with some plug-in.

Aloha s,

Nice tip/trick. I’m gonna give that one a try.


another solution…

in Cubase you can use 3 (!) mixers:
set up one of them with a One-Channel-view (!) (…and hide the inspector!)

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Hi All

Just to say thanks to Centralmusic, excellent idea that, gonna give it a go in the morning

Best Regards


OT - I really like your colour scheme btw…

Thank you Dave and vespesian,
I don’t like too much colorful things in Cubase.
So I have the same blue tone for Inserts, Volume Meters and - of course - EQ…

UM… Where is THAT Functionality? Im on 10.5 and I’m not getting it to resize.