[Pop song] Beautiful Inside

My first pop song. Or perhaps it’s more like the ballad that appears on a guitar-based rock band’s record. When writing it, I heard a guitar solo in the middle. That kind of evolved, with some input from Kirk, the drummer who plays on the song, and now there are nods to a few of my favorite guitarists in the song.

I really enjoy recording with other musicians and singers, more so that playing/singing all the parts myself. I really appreciate what my other musician and vocalist friends add to a song.

The guitars were recorded by miking guitar cabs as well as using Amplitube 3. The lead guitars are all a miked track(s) doubled with a direct track processed with Amplitube 3.
I used just one guitar for all guitar parts - a 90’s Hamer T-62 that I’ve installed Lace Sensor pickups in.

nice work

the guitar work is way up there…just love the guitar work!!!


You do realize that the opening riff is pretty much identical to “Don’t Let Me Down” by John Lennon? :wink:

Nice song, well played and produced though it did feel a little too long to be honest.

I like the guitar, sounds great! I think the drums sound very stiff - can’t really hear any cymbals or high hat; the kick and snare are much louder. But other than that, I think it has a good overall sound, and works. Isn’t it fun to work with real musicians?!!

Interesting. I don’ t think I’ve heard that song in decades. I was thinking of how Jimi or Eric Johnson might play over these chord changes.

It’s awesome. I love it. Sometimes you don’t get exactly what you were hearing in your head, but they always contribute great stuff that you wouldn’t be able to put in the song if you did everything yourself.

Well done ,nice tune i like the guitar work .do you have some kind of sustainer on the guitar i dont mean distortion or compression or did you just record loud and got feedback .Neal Schon has a device fit in some of his guitars called a Fernandes Sustainer which lets you achieve the same effect as if you were playing loud .anyway no matter how you did it it ended up nice and you did some nice bends ala Steve Lukather ,i like the Jimi style chord work through out,oh and finaly sorry bout dropping all the names but you know what us gutarists are like ha ha :laughing: very good.

I’m familiar with the Sustainer, and other devices like it. I was gonna build one into a guitar many years ago but never completed the project. I got the sustain and feedback the way they did it on the classic rock records - recording in the same room with a loud amp.

Yes there are pretty obvious nods to some of my favorite players in the song. In other songs I’ve done in the past I’ve tried to take ideas from players whose playing or tone I liked and put more of me in it so it’s not quite so derivative. But on this song, I really had a blast approaching it like “What if this guy, and this guy, and that guy got together and recorded a song?”

that’s good to hear albeit at a safe distance :laughing: …i am using a marshall jcm 900 100 watt at the minute the only fx i use is a wah and a boss blues drive , the gigs i do with my band, we can whack the volume up and on most occasions the amp is basically on full and the sustain you get even with cleanish tones is wonderful .in some rooms you have to be careful with your ears ,i would always advise wearing proper ear plugs ,although the most damage i have done to my ears is with bursts of volume while wearing headphone when recording and or mixing .

I wear headphones when tracking the parts. That seals out a lot of the amp’s volume. And it’s not not up so loud that it’s painful. Just enough to interact with the guitar. On some guitars, the pickups start feeding back at loud volumes anyway, and that’s a kind of feedback you don’t want. But yeah, it’s good to be really careful with your hearing.

Thanks for noticing. I tweaked the volume and EQ on the overhead mic tracks a little and uploaded a new mix.
Sometimes we don’t know when to quit tweaking a mix, and other times we think it’s done, and we need to adjust a few more things.
Unfortunately the hi hat seems real pronounced and the cymbals are less so. In future sessions, I will have to be more careful in placing the overhead mics.