Pop-up help for icons on iPad

Here’s a feature I’ll bet would help a lot of Dorico foriPad users: Get pop-up help when you hover the mouse (I have an iPad Pro with “magic “keyboard) or long-press with your finger on a menu icon, because I have to comb through the PDF whenever I encounter one and I don’t know what it will do if I click on it. There are so many other products with this feature and most professional development kits (I’m a developer) make this feature easy to add. Hope I’ll see it next release.

The library being used is Qt, haven’t used it professionally myself so don’t know if it has this feature. If it doesn’t then don’t expect it to happen, otherwise I’d prefer not having it, the iPad already has that incredibly annoying Apple feature where if you hold a modifier key it brings up a popup showing possible completions. Useless, annoying and you can’t disable it.

I don’t like chatty UI’s and for new users they’re useful for about the first ten minutes at most. It could have a disable but it’s development effort spent on something that honestly doesn’t have a great deal of benefit for most users. The interface is easy to learn and clear in it’s functionality. Good suggestion but I’d vote against, my 2 cents.

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I am curious about the state of tool tip support in Dorico 5 and on iPad. Dorico 4 lacked tool tips for many up-front controls because of a Qt limitation that I guess was never solved. Now they have moved to a new Qt version for 5. Does it support mouse-over text with the circular cursor on iPad?

The feature in talking about is called “tool tips” and of course I would expect to be able to toggle it in and off. It’s bout so obvious to be what the controls do.