pop up tool is now a joke!!

Upgraded to artist 10. I use and am a registered user of all current versions of the cubase packages I teach music technology.
After installation I did my usual setup on preferences and found I can no longer combine right click with pop up tools and editing options it is either one or the other and he list of edition option sis restricted… I am not sure if anyone from Steingberg has ever taken the time to watch how their product is used in a real life situation however the loss of this facility has added hours to my workload and increased mouse movement and click by thousand during a typical session, for me 4 - 6 hrs
I upgraded to 10 to get around their issue with hyperthreading however have had to go back during the creation and editing stage as artist 10 with this configuration us useless( and I really mean useless) I have been using cubase as my main DAW for over 25 years and have got used to some of their gaffs over the years however this one tells me they have really lost the plot on customer centric design. This is like designing a manual car and swapping the position of the clutch and accelerator. It all works however nothing feels right. I tried to speak with cubase several times and have go nowhere and cannot confirm if this is a design change, an omission or a bug, either way it is bad.


There are several discussion about the “right-click” topic here on the forum. If you want to show the context-menu after right-click (so the Preferences > Editing > Tools > Pop-up Toolbox on Tight-Click is disabled), you can still cal the toolbox by holding down Ctrl+right-click. Then the toolbox appear and you can select the tool. This option was available in previous Cubase versions too.

+1 !!! I now have to move my cursor way further in a thin area to select a tool, whereas before I could resize the toolbox to be 3 rows of 4 and not 1 row of 12. It’s seriously interfered with my workflow. And I’ve been using Cubase professionally since it was on Atari…

Who on earth thought it was a good idea to remove a function that’s clearly so useful???