Popover appears off-axis

I’ve noticed that, with both the lyric and chord symbols popover, they sometimes appear far off-axis:

Previously I’d only noticed this in Galley view, but you can see this one is doing it in Page view. It’s disorienting, as it’s difficult to know which note I’m editing. The popover position usually seems to randomly resolve itself as I continue editing, but I can’t discern a repeatable pattern.
lyric popover shifted.png

I have seen this, but very rarely. I’ve seen it more often (at least in earlier versions) with Text edits.

I’d love the popover to appear above the clicked location for everything, although I’ve got used to typing into popovers that are off-screen.

It is certainly sometimes possible for the popover to appear away from the position at which it should really appear, and we have some items on our backlog related to this issue. I’m sure it will be addressed at some point, but it’s not currently among the highest priority items we’re working on.

At least Dorico is consistent and predictable so typing into a popover you can’t see always has the desired result.