Popover entries in french

I wonder how to have the popover entries in french as Alexy Savelief do (he is a french composer/ instructor on dorico https://www.alexissavelief.com/ ).
i’ve searched the help pdf for long without succes !
Writing mode:
With Shift/p and then typing “m” Savelief has a result downbow on his selection. (at 16.05’ on this video Que Penser de Dorico 5 ? - YouTube )
On my dorico 5 if i do Schift/P and then typing “m” it’s very different ! (Shift P2.jpg)

Thank you if you can help me !!

See the 2 jpg files:
Shift P
Shift P2

No doubt he changed the popover text for downbow (and presumably upbow). To do the same: go to Library > Playing Techniques > Down Bow and enter your preferred popover string in the fourth field from the bottom.
I personally set these to ‘af’ and ‘op’, being the (nice and short) Dutch equivalents of ‘down’ and ‘up’.

The playing techniques popover is one of a select few that show you a menu of possible entries, so if it’s not in the list, it’s not available in the project.

You can create custom playing techniques in Dorico Pro, and as part of that you can set new popover entries for them. You can also change the entries for any existing playing techniques (including factory default ones) according to your requirements; therefore, another user’s suggested entries might be different to yours.

For reference, here is the page that lists default popover entries for the playing techniques popover in the Dorico Pro 5 French manual (although popovers all expect the same entries, regardless of the language you run Dorico in)

Thank you Pjotr for your quick and efficient answer !

Thank you Lillie, as usual : fast and effective answer !