Popover for accidentals PLUS accidental organizer

I have been absolutely loving the custom microtonal scale systems and accidentals of Dorico. However now my accidental box looks like this:

Needless to say it takes a very long time for me to find each accidental I’m looking for.

It would be great if with the cmd-k popover normally used for key signatures you could time in the accidental names to place them. On top of that it would be great to be able create sections/categories for these accidentals to organize them (for example by I could organize them into 3-limt, 5-limit, 7-limit etc.)

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Yes, we know that a popover for custom accidentals is much-needed, and it’s on our list of things we plan to implement in future versions.


Okay great! I look forward to it

This would be huge for me as well.
I’m working with a client who uses a pretty complex accidental system and having the ability to organize and include them with a popover would be incredibly helpful.

Looking forward to it!