Popover list for Dorico 3?

Sorry if this has already been covered, but is there an updated PDF list of popovers for Dorico 3 somewhere online? The ones I found relate to earlier versions of Dorico.

No, there’s no updated list as yet. I’ll presumably get around to updating it at some point…

Thanks Daniel. Cuando puedas.

Hi there, any news here?

Yes, both the popover and token lists on this page are now updated and accurate for Dorico 3.1.

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great, thank you

Perhaps you could add the changes in Dorico 3.1.10 into the popover list.

Perhaps you could pencil in those five or so popover codes on your own till Lillie gets around to them.
A simple thank you to Lillie would have been sufficient.

Derrek, I said thank you for the update in another thread. The linked popover list ist was published in January, so I thought it was enough to say thank you once, but if you think, one should say thank you all the time, I will repeat my thanks! I have the feeling, that the team is cleaning up erverything concernig Dorico 3 and wants to go further to Dorico 4 (3.5, 95, 365 …), therfore I wanted tp remind Lillie (or whoever is updating this list) not to forget the most recent changes.

Thanks for the reminder - you can rest assured that this is not forgotten, just vying for a priority slot. It’ll be updated in due course :slight_smile:

It appears that adding the new clef popovers will require some new formatting, so (like so many “simple” changes) it is not quite as simple as some might imagine. I appreciate how well the manual(s) have caught up and expanded into new languages since Lillie came on board.