Popover Questions


Full marks for 8va being a clef! Could we also have g8vb, g15vb etc. for ‘basso’. I need this more than any other version of downwards displacement.

Could we have ‘tab5’. It’s quite common for bass transcription.


Is it possibly to modify +8 and -8 forwards or backwards from the selected bar?


Just to add to the other posts… hairpins and ‘crescendo’ marks are not equivalent and should be enterable directly.

Can we have ‘non dim.’ etc in this category? This is a direction of dynamics and is crucial, for example, where something like five parts diminuendo, but one is not supposed to.


Can we have control of font size for caesura. I often make these massive for theatre parts, and often different sizes in different parts depending on importance. Maybe this is already possible? I know I can do this stuff as text but that goes against the intelligent design.


Can we have control of font size? I need this most for rit. all. or accel. which I often write in giant font for theatre parts, and often different sizes in different parts.

Would it be possible to write things like ‘idiot rit.’ (a genuinely useful direction…!) and have Dorico interpret the ‘rit.’ and just ignore the rest without stripping it. I know I can enter this as text but…

Can we also have ‘Slow’, ‘Quick’, ‘Slower’, ‘Very Slow’ etc. Or better, some way of duplicating a current mark like ‘accel.’ and changing the text to ‘hell for leather’ etc. ?

Time SIgnatures

…are off-the-planet brilliant. If we could have independent tempi for staves as well as time signatures… :wink: It would be beyond great to be able to write ‘ad. lib’ or ‘start at random’ and have individual lines to start by chance… or re-group (as the curlew…) (ok, I’ll stop…)

Playing Techniques

The mute symbols are not standard and really should be text first. The symbols would require an unnecessary ‘key’ at the start of the music, and it would still all go wrong.

‘Open’ meaning ‘remove’ mute has to be a word and not a circle. This would be a guaranteed stop in a rehearsal.

It is annoying that ‘half-mute’ can’t be entered with the hyphen - this is just a pointless trip-up. (And inconsistent with 'triple-tongue.)

Playing technique marks are unpredictable as to whether what-you-write-is-what-you-get, what-you-write-is-almost-what-you-get or what-you-write-turns-into-a-more-or-less-recognisable-emoji-that-will-need-explaining-with-actual-words-somewhere-in-the-score-and-will-still-be-ignored-half-the-time. The is the biggest area where we should be able to type anything (as in the text popover), have it quickly turn up in the techniques font and be ignored (but not stripped!) if Dorico doesn’t understand it. Maybe the ones that turn into symbols could be shift-S, leaving Shift-P for text?

Yes please to typing ‘cresc.’ giving you the text ‘cresc’ and < giving a hairpin.

Sorry to take so long to reply to this.

You want to be able to type e.g. g8vb instead of g8ba? I don’t much like this since, as we’ve discussed here, “vb” is not really a proper abbreviation for the Italian, but I guess it’s used commonly enough that we should support it.

Do you want to modify all barlines for the next e.g. 8 bars, or do you want to edit the barline that is 8 bars away? I’m not sure quite what you want to do here.

This was at least taken care of in 1.0.20 before Christmas.

Do you imagine that this has a duration, or is it effectively an immediate dynamic? It’s really a non-dynamic, of course, but I understand that it would be helpful to obtain it via the Shift+D popover.

You’ll be able to change the default size of caesuras once you can edit the underlying composites (I guess in Finale this would be the articulation/expression library item that describes its appearance). Changing the size of an individual caesura is trickier: though hopefully we will eventually have a ‘Scale’ property that will be applicable to more or less any item.

You can edit this in Engrave > Font Styles (Immediate Tempo Text Font, Gradual Tempo Text Font, etc.) but you cannot currently set a different size for text between score and part layouts, though this is also coming.

I’m hoping to get to this before 1.0.30 if possible.

Yes, I agree that it would be helpful if the matching could be fuzzier. We have a few ideas in this direction.

Yes. It’s common. I don’t think it’s a bad abbreviation if parsed, ‘8v… b’

Sorry, my bad… I meant to type -8 to delete the previous eight bars etc.

Duration, yes. As with ‘dim.’, until a further dynamic marking or bars rest etc. It is a ‘direction of dynamics’ as ‘l’istesso tempo’ is a direction of speed.

It would be on a case by case basis. Some are obvious, others need serious flagging. These really are useful for studio or sight-reading work.

Thank you for everything else!