Popover requires 2 enter commands

When I enter the popover I find that sometimes it requires 1 enter key stroke to confirm my text entry and other times it requires 2 enter key strokes. Is this intended behaviour? Is there a way to change it? I’d like it so that I only have to press enter once in order to confirm what I have written in the popover. I’m sure I’ve just missed something. Thanks so much for the help.

It requires two Enters if you’re auto-completing a popover entry from a list of available entries, like pizz. Just one if you’re entering freely, like mf.

Hey Dan,

I see! So if there is a dropdown menu with multiple option I need to press enter twice. Is there a way to only press it once if there is only 1 option in the dropdown menu? I enter the text exactly as it appears it is specified in the “Edit Playing Techniques” popover definition.

Thanks for the quick response!

I wouldn’t worry about it… I doubt it really affects workflow. I haven’t parsed it down that far!

If you’re typing the PT, I always just get used to hitting it twice.

Once you add a PT, it is selected… you can Alt-click to add that selected item to another note, ad infinitum. Or copy-paste. Basically, lots of ways to get them entered quickly.

As a side note - if you type pizz. you will just press enter once. But if you type pizz you will press twice. But the amount of keystrokes is the same…!

For what it’s worth, I find this a little annoying too. Just a bit counterintuitive: if I press Enter I want to confirm what I currently see in the popover. Why do I have to press it twice? There’s nothing else I can do with the chosen text from the dropdown list inside the popover.

Unfortunately this is quite difficult to change. We would prefer you to be able to confirm your choice with a single press of Enter as well, but it’s not easy to achieve and although we know it’s annoying, we currently have other priorities to attend to.