Popover Shift-I suggestions

I just thougt if it would be possible to encance the dialog in this ways:
… mu moves the selection one stave up (already there in paste special menu)
… md moved the selection one stave down.
… cu copies the selection one stave up
… cd copies the selection one stave down…
… cd 3 … and add a upper third
… mv2u moves the selection to voice 2 upstem
… cv1d copies the selection to voice 1 downstem …
… cv1d tM3 … and transpose it a mayor third

… and so on, things like that.

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I don’t think any of those make sense for the Shift+I popover, but it’s an interesting idea to consider a kind of “copy and paste” popover, which I’ll think about for the future.


That’s verging on a “command line interface”! :confused:
One of the great advantages of the popovers is that you don’t need to learn any special codes, you can just type real words.

Well, it makes me happy if I can suspend mousy movements and clickery when I can get the same result and quicker with some keystrokes.
That’s why I like the popovers so much.
And actually you do not input here real word things like “transpose a perfect fifth upwards” anyway, but instead a short and concise “t5” …

My idea was, eg. to add a second parallel voice to a given line, instead of adding an interval to the notes ("-3") first and then procede to
select, filter, cut, insert as 1 voice stem down, I could just type somthing like “-3 v1d”, and this could possibly make sense in the interval popover…

Something else that I would love to see in the Shift-I popover is the ability to add named notes above or below the selection. So for example I could type “-g” to add a G below the selected notes. I can see it being very useful in something like this:


That’s a beautiful idea!

Another suggestion regarding Shift-I: in the interest of saving typing time, especially if you have a top line selected and are working down, to group intervals/notes below together. So instead of, as in the example I posted before, “-c,-a,-8”, you could type “-(c,a,8)”.

(And yes, I am aware that this particular example requires you to type the same number of characters!)

Or just drop the comma/space altogether. It would possibly require a limitation of no intervals larger than 10, but that seems like an outlier.

I think the problem there would be augmented and diminished intervals - you couldn’t use “a” or “d” for augmented or diminished, unless the popover was case sensitive. Again, we’d be getting towards command line entry at this point…

I can’t speak for everyone else, but personally I would find myself adding notes by name far more frequently than adding augmented or diminished intervals. But if the commas were to be kept it should be a non-issue, as “a” and “d” would only signify augmented and diminished when prepending a number. i.e. “a,d,-a4,d2”

That’s exactly what I was referring to, Jackson, though granted that wasn’t entirely obvious.

Ah, my mistake. -10 points for reading comprehension.

Chord mode already allows you to build chords by note name, though admittedly only for one chord at a time.

How would you handle the sharps and flats in inputing new notes by note name? something like ab for A flat and as for A sharp?

Hmm, ‘As’ would be the German (and Dutch) name for A flat… :confused:

Let’s not get started on B and H…

All spelling systems welcomed here: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/

Ha. I wasn’t talking about the cigarette brand either :wink:

Or Bell and Howell movie cameras, from the pre-digital era :wink:

I’ve never worked for Boosey and Hawkes, but if I did I’d certainly use this popover :wink: