Popover sometimes hides notes and markings above staff

I find it a bit annoying that the popover is constantly moving on the same horizontal position, so, especially when you write notes or other markings above staff, after a certain pitch point everything is hidden behind the popover.

In Dorico 4 I would find it better if the popover follows pitch vertically. Or maybe if it is movable, or transparent. I don’t like that I have to close the popover to see what I have done. (E.g. while entering consecutively fingerings you cannot check if you have written something wrong).
Generally speaking I personally like to see the whole picture just when I write something and before writing the next one.
Any opinions?

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Maybe an option to adjust the transparency of the popover ?

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May be transparency is the best option. And, even better, in combination with auto-size of the popover, according to the length of text entered. Popover window is usually much larger than needed for entering e.g some numbers or some letters (Dorico usually guesses what you want very easily by typing just a couple of characters)

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A bigger problem I’ve bumped into several times is when I’ve made a long selection and then invoke a popover, it appears (so to speak) off screen, presumably at the start of my selection. Not that I mind typing blind very much – the problem is there is no visual feedback that my command even worked.

What’s a good way to handle this? Automatically scroll back so the start of the selection is visible?

It’s not the most convenient way, but make your selection from end to beginning with CMD/CTRL+Click so that you end up at the start before calling up the Popover.

Right, or just scroll back myself first. It’s the fact that the popover not only appears but operates completely off screen that concerns me. Even if I finish creating something blindly in that scenario, Dorico still doesn’t scroll to show it.

This is an issue with objects that can be very long such as crescendo (text), bar repeats, chord symbol regions, etc.

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This is a very good point but I think it should be adressed in a different thread.
I opened this thread about it for any future reference: UX improvement needed: popovers appear out of view when selecting a long chunk of music

I personally think the best solution UX-wise would be to make the popup higher (in a similar way that the system track goes up if there are too many ledger lines)