popover text for ornaments

Is it possible to change the default popover text for ornaments? I use a short trill quite often. I haven’t found the popover text for this ornament on either of the two lists that I’ve seen (one for 1.1.10 from 2017 and one for 1.2.10 from February of 2018). After a little guessing, I found two options that work: “shorttrill” and “shorttr”, but in an ideal world I’d knock that down to “s” or “sh”.


No, users don’t have the ability to modify commands for any popovers except for playing techniques. You could always create a custom playing technique for that ornament, and assign it to whatever shortcut you wanted.

Yet another use case where Stream Deck can shine… one button for a short trill…

Thanks, Dan. I hadn’t heard of Stream Deck before, I will look into it.