popover too long

Again a topic which already excists I guess. Couldn’t find it though, sorry.

Sometimes the text-popover is too long and I can’t use all the options:

I first have to move my text to the left, change what I want to change and then I have to move it again to the right.
It’s just a little thing - but of course it would be nice if one doesn’t have to use a workaround to have access to all functions.

Until that is addressed, could you add the text in Galley Mode?

Hey Derrek…I think I can, but I’m just not a ‘Galley-Mode-Worker’ :wink:
Anyway it’s not a big problem at all.
I just wanted to mention it - maybe the guys from Dorico can find relatively easy a solution for a next update.

Perhaps zoom out a bit more?

It’s definitely a topic that already exists. Try here, for example: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=139511