popover transparency request

I do lots of editing guitar fingerings. Often it would be useful and time-saving to be able to see what is behind the popover window. I’m thinking of a configurable degree of transparency for the popover object.

Thanks for the suggestion, which I’ve made a note of. I’m not sure it would always be best for usability, but of course it could be optional.

This is something that I would very much welcome.

I understand. One would have to try it: would the optimal transparency transmit enough useful information from the objects behind the popover, while not making the popover look confusing. Any way to help keep track of what is hidden by the popover would ease the task.

I just though of something that might be simpler, or not.
If I’m entering chord symbols in popovers in Galley View, there would be room above the popover to display a copy of the chord symbols which are hidden by the popover. Maybe that idea could extend to other objects besides chord symbols.

Another idea is to slide the popover with the mouse.

I’m not sure of the exact reason for the request. For my needs, maybe it would work if popovers could be toggled into invisibility by the ‘ key, so I could check what’s behind it in the event I forgot to look before summoning the popover.

what could be nice is to have like in guitar pro a floating popover for chords in which you can quickly access the chords you used in your project and just click on them to insert them in the tab/score :slight_smile: