Popovers PDF Manual: Does the Version 3.5.10, February 2021, apply to iPad too?

Steinber.help, Dorico for iPad User Manuals, has the PDF for Popovers Version 3.5.10, February 2021.

Steinber.help, Dorico Pro 5 User Manuals, has the PDF for Popovers Version 4.3.0, November 2022.

Can all the Popovers from the Version 3.5.10, February 2021 be used in the latest version of Dorico for iPad? Does the manual in the help section for Dorico for iPad just need updating?

The last version of whatever manual should work on iPad, as far as popovers are concerned… The iPad version is a kind of Elements version, and there are no restrictions in the popovers between the different tiers, as far as I know. I hope it helps!

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The Dorico for iPad manual has fallen a bit behind the times, but will be updated in due course.

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