Popovers, spaces and hyphens when typing

the latest version I can find of your helpful PDF for Popovers v1.0.10 shows various words that can be typed in to create various symbols.
For ‘longfermata’ I also found ‘long fermata’ worked which is good because I can type reasonably well and having to slow down to concentrate enough to NOT put in the space would otherwise be annoying. I noticed the early ones listed show no space, but most of the others, spaces are shown between the words.
I am just wondering if I can assume that putting in the space where it makes sense will work reasonably consistently.
Also some have hyphens which I presume is necessary or can they be replaced with a space (or nothing). Otherwise I can see that I would need to remember exactly what is required for each entry. (No, I do not intend to memorise them all, but I can see it being an efficient way to enter symbols.)

I remember it has been said, in the early days of Dorico, that the content in the popover would be quite extended, so that different ways of writing the same thing would lead to the same result, the one the user wants… I guess we just have to wait for the team to complete more important stuff, before they handle these “comfort” features.

Generally speaking, we do strip out whitespace in the popover input before we parse it, so “long fermata” and “longfermata” and indeed “l o n g f e r m a t a” should all be recognised. There are a few exceptions to this, in cases where the space is significant, e.g. in the time signature, dynamics, and tempo popovers.

Thanks Daniel, and the hyphens? how are they understood?

Hyphens are not removed, so you will need to include them if they are specified in the text in the popovers PDF.