Popovers a such a powerful tool, and what to input is clear mostly - but please,
could you provide a new document with all current possibilities (on a steinberg site, not on facebook)?
Its grown so complex. Sometimes I’d like to look them up.

The popovers guide has already been updated, but I’m not sure what the status of publishing it on Steinberg.help is. The latest version is attached to this post.
tokens-popovers.zip (493 KB)

Thank you!!

Thanks, Daniel!

I note from the attached popovers document that there’s theoretically the functionality to input a trill interval via the popover (m2, M3, p4 etc.). Has anybody persuaded this to work? I can’t…

From the ornaments popover? Indeed, I’m able to input “tr M3” and get an auxiliary note.

Thanks Daniel! The one thing I didn’t think of trying was a SPACE between tr and the interval…

You can also just enter the interval if the trill is already exists, and the caret is active. That way you can create trill that changes its interval midway through.