Popping and crackling with UR22

I bought a UR22 last summer and I have been getting a lot of popping and crackling using my Apex 460 condensor microphone.

I am using it with a Mac Book Pro with a 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of memory.

Regardless of whether I have a DAW running or not when I am monitoring the input on my condenser microphone through the UR22 I am hearing popping and crackling.

The amount of popping and crackling is not consistent. Sometimes it can be only a little and at other times it is constant and wearing the headphones is difficult.

Even with input gain turned all the way down, I can hear popping and crackling when the problem is at its worst.

I took the microphone to my music store to see if there was a problem with it and plugged into a monitor without the UR22 it was crystal clear.

I have tried turning off my wifi card and trying different USB ports as I saw suggested in a different thread.

I mostly use Garage Band for recording and there does not seem to be an I/O Buffer setting in the version I am using. I do not know if this is a possible problem…

Any help is appreciated.